Latin America and the Caribbean

Since 1975, clients such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, and government of Mexico have called on DAI to support sustainable economic growth, environmentally responsible agricultural development, and democratic processes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • In Mexico, we helped microfinance institutions secure thousands of new customers, mostly poor rural women unable to access traditional banking, who use these services to nurture basic livelihoods such as farming and crafts.
  • In El Salvador, we helped the government increase tax revenues by more than $1.2 billion and tax-to-gross domestic product ratio by two percentage points from 13 to 15 percent, significantly strengthening government coffers without raising tax rates.
  • In Guatemala, we built socially responsible supply chains in the apparel industry, an initiative that evolved into a regional program that brought together labor unions and major brands such as Gap, Timberland, Walmart, Limited Brands, Coldwater Creek, and Billabong.
  • After the January 2010 Haiti earthquake, we managed locally based cleanup programs that employed 32,000 people, and outfitted facilities such as the prime minister’s temporary command center, restoring core Haitian government ministry functions and communicating key information to the public.