Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development (SPEED)

Mozambique has been engaged in economic policy reform since its first democratic elections in 1994. However, there is a pressing need to prioritize, deepen, and accelerate key reforms; strengthen private sector participation in policy dialogue; and create the capacity and systems to ensure that key reforms are implemented effectively. Some positive trends are visible. A strong constituency for reform exists within the business community, a public-private dialogue mechanism is in place, capacity is being built to advance economic policy reforms, and numerous analytical studies have recommended reform priorities. SPEED supports and expands ongoing reforms to catalyze economic development and speed the transformation of Mozambique’s economic, legal, and governance systems into those of a modern, developed country. SPEED’s goal is to have more companies doing more business, resulting in increased trade and investment and a stronger competitive position for Mozambican firms, thus creating local opportunities for job and income growth.

Sample Activities

  • Deliver training and technical assistance that builds the capacity of business associations and corresponding government institutions and catalyzes trade and investment growth in tourism and agriculture.
  • Because Mozambican women are under-represented in the policy development process, yet critical to sustained economic growth, ensure stronger female participation in this area through targeted training and financial assistance to woman-run associations.
  • Utilize Mozambican expertise to achieve sustainable results, with a strong focus on choosing local partners and employing Mozambicans.

Client: U.S. Agency for International Development
Contract: 2010–2015